Logo of the game Sisterhood

Sisterhood is a narrative driven game that let players experience the extraordinary lives of adventurous women who made an impact on our world but are barely remembered in our time. This game lets you experience their hardships and victories, taking you on a journey around the world, into different cultures. From the ruthless battle for freedom of the Apache warrior Lozen to the unbelievable journey on foot deep into the heart of Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel.

Through a combination of exploration driven platforming, interactive dialogs, easy and not so easy to find collectibles and a diverse collection of playable vignettes players not only get to know these women but have to be these women.

Why we are making SisterhoOD

When we started thinking about a game that would let you experience the lives of truly inspiring women, main stream culture just started reevaluating the role of women in history, or more honestly, the perceived lack thereof. Since then we’ve seen books, comics and documentaries honour and reestablish remarkable women that were conveniently written out of history. But no game! What other media is better equipped for letting you truly experience someones life than games? You have to actively push forward and make decisions to walk a mile in these women’s shoes!

By focussing on a wide variety of cultures, Sisterhood will bring players all around the world. Co-developed with artists, musicians and writers from these respective cultural backgrounds will make for a unique game experience that we can not wait to share with the world!

Looking for a publisher

Sisterhood is still looking for a publisher that will help us honour these incredible lives as playful as we can!

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